King Koil Manhattan Mattress - Double

Adaptive support technology the experts reccomend. 

Tested and recommended by the International Chiropractors Association (ICA), A.H. Beard King Koil beds featuring Reflex Support Technology are designed to constantly adapt to your body’s size, shape and position. 

Perfect for couples, Reflex responds independently to each sleeper, so you both get the support you need. So no matter how your physique or sleep needs change over the years, you’ll have the ideal bed for you.

Proudly Australian Made & Owned

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Don't be distrubed
The comfort layers and independently pocketed springs of the Reflex support system absorb the movements of others sharing your bed, helping to reduce partner disturbance and prevent premature waking.

Temperature regulating
To help keep you cool on warm nights, our sleepsmiths chose AeroQuilt, AeroComfort and AeroLatex technology to encourage the flow of air and disperse heat.

Adaptive support
While you sleep, King Koil’s innovative Reflex support system adapts to your body’s size and weight, providing individualised support. Each spring is individually enclosed in a perforated casing allowing for increased breathability for a healthier sleep environment.  The only sleep support system recommended by the International Chiropractors Association, Reflex helps you wake refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to live your best life.

Pressure relieving comfort
As you recline, AeroComfort layers gently cradle your body’s curves, helping to relieve pressure, prevent discomfort and keep you relaxed from dusk till dawn.

Breathe easy
The hypoallergenic and antimicrobial properties of the naturally sourced fabrics and fibres create a healthy sleep environment. The added Ultrashield treatment provides extra protection from mould, bacteria and dust mites.

It feels right for you
King Koil’s sensuous stretch knit fabrics and sumptuous comfort layers create a luxurious first impression that is repeated every time you go to bed.

Product Specifications
More Information
Range King Koil
More Information
Pillow top Aerocomfort
Mattress Brand AHB King Koil
More Information
- Firm
length 188
width 137
height 25
weight 28
- Medium
length 188
width 137
height 27
weight 28
- Plush
length 188
width 137
height 30
weight 28
Care Instructions

Rotate head-to-toe every 2-3 months. Keep the mattress free from stains by using a quality mattress protector. See the warranty card for detailed information.


10 Years


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Spinal Support recommended by the experts

King Koil mattresses with Reflex support technology are the only ones in Australia recommended by the International Chiropractors Association (ICA). They endure rigorous testing to ensure they meet the high standards set by the ICA for support, comfort and pressure relief.


As a fifth-generation owned and operated family business, we’re passionate about supporting local manufacturing. Our mattresses are proudly made in Australia, and we are committed to helping you get the rest you deserve. A.H. Beard proudly manufacture in every state across Australia and in New Zealand employing over 450 Australians and New Zealanders. 


A healthy sleep environment is crucial for a restful sleep. A.H. Beard mattresses are the only ones approved by the National Asthma Council to carry the Sensitive Choice blue butterfly symbol. That’s because they provide long-term protection against dust mites and their allergens, mould and bacteria, so you can breathe and sleep easy.

We are the Premium Sleepsmiths

Our passion for better sleep has been keeping us awake at night since 1899. As a family, it’s our calling. And as a craft, we’ve elevated it to its highest form. We call it Premium Sleep. A combination of craftsmanship, technology, and an inherent talent for giving people the deepest, most rejuvenating sleep of their lives.

Family owned and locally made in Australia and New Zealand since 1899.


Still not sure which mattress is best for you?

Everyone’s bedtime needs are different, and whether you’re looking for something sturdy and supportive or prefer something soft for extra comfort, mattress buying is a very personal decision.


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