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Discover the perfect combination of art and science with our collection of mattresses. Our range includes designs that prioritise both comfort and technology.

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Everyone’s bedtime needs are different, and whether you’re looking for something sturdy and supportive or prefer something soft for extra comfort, mattress buying is a very personal decision.


Discover Art & Science Mattresses Online

Dive into a realm of eloquence with Sleeping Giant's Art and Science mattress collection. These are not just mattresses; they stand as a testament to high-end bedding that marries aesthetic charm with state-of-the-art sleep technology. With their individually pocketed coils, these mattresses conform to your body, distributing weight evenly, minimizing pressure points, and reducing tossing and turning. You'll be encapsulated in pure comfort, without the disturbance of a partner's movements.

Experience the Luxurious Comfort of an Art & Science Mattress

Unravel the intricate layers of the Art and Science mattress to discover its magic. From the 3-zone pocket spring unit providing impeccable back support while being gentle on the shoulders to its bamboo-blended fabric ensuring excellent thermal and moisture regulation, every layer serves a purpose.

Those with a penchant for modern design and innovation will relish in choices ranging from the Silver range, lauded for its value and ease of maintenance, to the Platinum's Multi-Zone or High/Low Pocket Spring technology ensuring personalized support. Furthermore, high-density foam encases the mattresses, ensuring not just edge-to-edge sleeping space but also durability. Complement your Art & Science mattress with bed frames and bed bases from our exquisite collection.

The Technology Behind Art & Science Mattresses

An Art and Science mattress isn't just about sleep; it's about an experience. Ensuring edge support are the two rows of heavier gauge pocket springs, while the bamboo-blended fabric, imbued with Hollow Fibre Technology, guarantees a serene sleep environment. With a repertoire ranging from the adjustable pillow-top mattresses to the competitively priced Gold range, there's a symphony for every sleeper.

Silver Art & Science Mattress

Experience the Silver Art & Science Mattress, a Choice Australia favorite. Its 3-zone pocket springs and bamboo-blended fabric blend timeless elegance with practical support. Lightweight yet robust, it's an epitome of stylish comfort suitable for all ages

Gold Art & Science Mattress

Uncover luxury with the Gold and Gold Plus range of Art & Science Mattresses. Its 5-zone pocket spring unit merges design and functionality, guaranteeing consistent support. Dressed in bamboo-blended fabric, this mattress offers timeless elegance and restful nights.

Platinum Art & Science Mattress

Elevate your nights with the Platinum Art & Science Mattress. Featuring Multi-Zone and High/Low Pocket Spring technology, it promises contouring support. The Tencel blended fabric ensures moisture regulation, making it a beacon of modern sleep luxury.

Night & Day Adjustable Pillow Top Art & Science Mattress

Relish the Night & Day Adjustable Pillow Top Art & Science Mattress. With its 3-zone pocket springs and high-density foam box, it assures comfort and support. The bamboo-blended fabric enhances its tactile allure, promising sublime sleep.

What sets the Art and Science mattress range apart?

The Art & Science mattress uses a combination of luxurious comfort and support for exceptional performance and durability. Unlike a traditional mattress, Art & Science Mattresses stand out for their array of firmness choices, the inclusion of softer springs in select models, and the availability of pillow-top versions.

How does the Art and Science mattress reduce partner disturbance?

The mattresses have individually pocketed coils that act independently, virtually eliminating partner disturbance and roll-together.

Can I get Art and Science mattresses in different sizes?

Absolutely. The Art & Science Mattress comes in an array of sizes ensuring a perfect fit for every room. Whether you choose for a queen mattress or the expansive luxury of a king mattress, every night becomes a journey into serene slumber. Even our single mattresses offer a lavish embrace, making them perfect for both adults and kids.

How do I care for and maintain my Art & Science mattress?

For an extended lifespan and to maintain the mattress's pristine condition, consider using our specially curated mattress protectors and mattress toppers. Regular rotation and airing can also help maintain its luxurious feel.

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