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SG3 Balance Comfort Mattress

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The Look
This 3-zone pocket spring mattress is vacuum compacted, rolled and bagged for easy transport. Individually pocketed coils conform to the body shape and distribute weight evenly, minimising pressure points and tossing and turning. Partner disturbance and roll-together are virtually eliminated as each spring acts
independently, nested in its own fabric pocket.

Mattress comes delivered in bag.
         Dimensions (mm):

Single:              350Dia x 960
King Single:     350Dia x 1120
Double:            350Dia x 1430
Queen:             350Dia x 1660

    Mattress dimensions:
Single:              920W x 1880L
King SIngle:     1070W x 2030L
Double:            1370W x 1880L
Queen:             1830W x 2030L
Warranty: 5yrs
Special Care
Rotate head-to-toe every 2-3 months. Keep the mattress free from stains by using a quality mattress protector. See the Art & Science warranty card for detailed information.
Brand SG3
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