The Sleeping Giant  has compiled the warranty information from our main suppliers and made it freely available to you.
You should check the warranty information from our suppliers on their websites to make sure that you have the most relevant and accurate warranty information.

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee 

• The 30 day Satisfaction applies to selected Mattresses or Mattress & Base Sets.
• The Guarantee enables you to exchange the Mattress or Mattress & Base set if you are unhappy with the comfort level within 30 days of delivery.
• A $100 change over fee will be charged for all standard size exchanges.
• We do not exchange special size or custom size mattresses
• The product/s will be credited at the original sales price invoice price, & your new selection will be charged to you at the current ticketed or advertised price.
• If the replacement goods are more expensive you will be required to pay the difference between the two products.
• If the replacement goods are less expensive, the difference can be used towards another purchase within the store at the time of purchase.
• If you choose not to make another purchase the difference will be forfeited.
• No refunds for the difference will be issued.
• Mattresses or mattress and base sets must be returned in good order and condition.
• A mattress that is damaged or soiled in any way will be exempt from the 30 day satisfaction guarantee.
• We recommend the use of a mattress protector at all time.
• Please consider your selection carefully as we can only provide this service once, and we ask you to keep in mind that your body will take a minimum of 14 days to adjust to your new sleep surface.
• The reselection must take place at the original store of purchase.
• Faulty or defective goods will be covered by manufactures warranty and are not covered by the 30 Day satisfaction guarantee.
• The Sleeping Giant has Absolute discretion as to the application of these terms and conditions.
• All exchanges are subject to the Sleeping Giant’s approval.

A.H. Beard Warranty Information 

A.H. Beard have been setting the standard for quality bedding for over 100 years, However, in the unlikly event that a product fails to meet our high standards, A.H.Beard offers a guarantee to the original purchaser to repair the product against fualty workmanship and materials for the period of ten years. To be able to make a claim under any of the warranties you must keep your original prrof of purchase receipt.

Rights under Australian Consumer Law 
The benefits given by the warranty set out in this document are in addition t any other rights and remedies you may have under a law in relation to the goods to which the warranty relates.
Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of reasonable quality and the failure does not amount to major failure

Rights under this warranty 
A.H. Beard gives to the original purchaser a 10 year warranty on this product against defects in workmanship and materials. If during the 10 years from the date of your purchase of this product, a defect caused by faulty workmanship or materials appears, A.H. Beard will repair your mattress or base within a reasonable time after receiving your valid claim.
If the defect appears within the first year of the warranty period, A.H. Beard will also pay all transportation costs, or reimburse such costs incurred by you where they were authorised by A.H. Beard, in relation to the repair of the base or mattress. If the defect appears after the first year of the warranty period you will be responsible for paying all the transportation costs.
If identical materials are not available at the time A.H. Beard repairs your mattress or base under this warranty, A.H. Beard reserves the right to substitute materials of comparable quality.

How to claim under your ten year warranty 
To be entitled to make a claim under your warranty you must:
Provide us with your full name and address and details of the defect; and Provide us with your original proof of purchase receipt.
You can notify us of the defect and make a claim by contacting by telephone on 1300 654 000, by sending an email to serviceteam@ahbeard.com or a prepaid letter to A.H. Beard PO Box 41 Padstow NSW 2211.

How to claim your costs if you are entitled to claim them 
Unless otherwise stated in this document you will bear the cost of claiming under this warranty. If you are entitled to claim labour or transportation cost, approved by A.H .Beard before they were incurred, and which directly relate to the repair of the mattress or base, please send your receipt as proof of payment of these costs to A.H. Beard Pty Limited, PO Box 41 Padstow NSW 2211 and A.H Beard will reimburse you the costs incurred.

Body Signature 
All mattresses will exhibit body signatures as the mattress upholstery conforms to the body to provide cushioning and comfort. This is not a defect covered by this warranty. Body signatures up to 40mm on a pillow top mattress and up to 25mm on a non-pillow top mattress is considered a normal occurrence. Rotating the mattress periodically will help equalise wear and tear.

Base Support 
Bases are provided to offer the best possible support for your mattress in order to prolong its life and ensure the most enjoyable sleep experience.
A.H. Beard mattresses can be used on suitable slat bases whereby slats are no more than 10 cm apart and have a centre support rail. Flexible (Concave arching) slats can lose their resiliency over time becoming convex and should be rotated from high load areas (Centre) with low load areas (Head/Foot) and replaced regularly. Solid panel bases must have holes to allow adequate air circulation and moisture transfer.

Additional Terms
This warranty does not cover
• A mattress or base that is not to your comfort preference i.e. too hard or too soft:
• A mattress or base that, on inspection by A.H. Beard is found to be stained or in an unsanitary condition;
• Bent or broken castors or legs, Loose T-Nuts inside the base, caused by not having been kept sufficiently tight or other broken fittings caused by poor maintenance;
• Mattress damaged being caused by the mattress being on a slat base where the slats are more than 10 cm apart;
• Mattress damage caused by defective timber or metal slats;
• Mattress damage caused by a base system that does not give even support;
• Mattress damage caused by a base system that does not provide adequate support in the centre;
• Normal wear and tear, or damage caused by mishandling, abuse, misuse, or negligence including folding, bending, standing on or jumping on the mattress or base.
Except as expressly stated, this warranty does not include any right to be reimbursed for physical or financial injury, loss, damage, expense, time or inconvenience (Whether direct or indirect) arising from the occurrence of the defect in the mattress or base or your inability to use the mattress or base.
Any use of this product other than the use for which it was originally intended is not the responsibility of A.H. Beard.

Suggestions on the care of your new A.H. Beard product 
• Turn your A.H. Beard mattress every month end to end and side to side. This will even out the slight body impressions that develop as the upholstery settles.
• A mattress protector should be used to avoid soiling.
• Remove and destroy plastic bag.
• Do not use an old base with your new mattress. The two parts of your sleep set work together for your comfort and support.
• Ensure that castors are screwed in tightly and checked each year.

Warning: Do not lift by yourself as you may injure your back.

Sleepmaker Warranty Information

Sleepmaker is proud to offer you a full 10 year guarantee against manufacturing defects in workmanship and material that may occur with ordinary use. This guarantee commences on the date the mattress and/or base was originally delivered, or collected by the purchaser. Failure to comply with all of our recommendations and instructions for use, care and maintenance will void your guarantee. If a defect appears within the applicable 10 year guarantee period, you must contact the Sleepmaker dealer where you purchased your set in order to claim under the guarantee. Your claim must be in writing and accompanied by proof of purchase (including date of purchase). You must be the original purchaser in order to be entitled to claim. Your claim must be sent to the address of the Sleepmaker dealer from whom you purchased the bed (do not send your claims directly to us). The dealer will liaise directly with us as needs. It may be that we need to inspect the bed. If so, once we have inspected the bed and are satisfied there is a manufacturing defect, we will replace or repair your bed at our discretion within a reasonable period. However, the guarantee period will not be extended or changed as a result of repair or replacement under the terms of this guarantee or otherwise. As the purchaser, you will bear the expense of claiming under the guarantee. Additionally, you will be responsible for the transport costs to our plant; however, these costs will be refunded to you in the event of a defect covered by our guarantee. If we reasonably determine that the defect is not a manufacturing defect, you will be responsible for the transport costs and the cost of repair or replacement of the product.

This guarantee is subject to the conditions listed here: 
This guarantee does not extend to faults caused by willful or accidental abuse, misuse, neglect, normal wear and tear, or damage caused by transportation.
Every effort will be made to repair or replace the mattress with identical materials to those originally used. However, if identical materials are not available at the time of repair or replacement, we reserve the right to substitute materials of equal quality. We are not required to match replacement fabric to the original fabric.
We reserve the right to refuse service and invalidate the guarantee when, upon inspection, the bed is found to be in an unsanitary condition, or when the product failure is caused by factors other than faulty workmanship or materials. Use of a mattress protector is advisable at all times.

The use of a soft, sagging or non-supportive base with excessive gaps between slats or narrow tubing, which in our reasonable opinion is not supportive, will void this guarantee (see Base Support section).

It is important that bed base / ensemble legs are secured tightly in place at all times. It is not our responsibility if loose legs cause damage to the leg and/or the base frame or mattress. Pocket spring mattresses are not recommended for people weighing more than 120 kilograms.
We reserve the right to repair or replace either parts of the mattress or base or the entire mattress or base at our option.
You must be able to provide us with satisfactory proof of purchase. Failure to do so will render this guarantee void. This warranty is only valid to the original purchaser.
In some cases, an inspection by one of our representatives at the location of the item may be necessary. Due to geographic locations, this may take time.
Where an inspection is necessary, a service fee may be applicable. If a service fee is applicable we will inform you of that before confirming the inspection. Where the item is deemed by us to have a manufacturing fault, this fee will be refunded.
Although we at all times try to provide prompt service we may not be able to pick up, repair and return the repaired goods overnight and it could take several days or longer in some cases before goods can be returned. We are not required to supply a replacement mattress or base for the duration of the service.

Fair Wear & Tear: The period stated by this guarantee covers only manufacturing faults and is in no way intended to imply a lifespan expectancy of the product. Heavy weight combinations or uneven weight distributions will cause greater or more uneven wear patterns than lighter weight and even weight distributions. Comfort and support layers are expected due to use and age to reduce in height and firmness over time. Obviously this will be aggravated by heavier weights and certain uses such as constant use in nursing homes where the bed is used for more than the average 8 to 12 hours in a 24 hour cycle.

Comfort Level: We manufacture an extensive range of ensembles, therefore comfort related complaints do not constitute a manufacturing fault. Please choose your mattress requirements carefully as due to health regulations, mattresses cannot be swapped after any period of use.

Australian Consumer Law: Our guarantee may be a "warranty against defects" for the purposes of the Australian Consumer Law. Accordingly, this section sets out the information prescribed by the Australian Consumer Law. In particular, the following statement is included: "Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure". Our guarantee is in addition to other rights and remedies you may have under a law in relation to the goods or services to which the guarantee relates. For the purposes of the Australian Consumer Law, the person giving you this guarantee is Australian Comfort Group Pty Ltd ABN 23 098 742 584. Our address details are as follows:

Head Office:

48 Alexandra Place,
Murarrie, QLD 4172 Australia
TOLL FREE 1800 633 358

Manufactured in Australia by Sleepmaker. A division of the Australian Comfort Group Pty Ltd ABN 23 098 742 584